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So yeah... it's been a while. Peanut yelled at me, in so much as Peanut yells at anyone. It made me pout :(. I had said back in... HOLY FRAK SEPTEMBER?! So it would seem. Anywho, I said way back then that I would speak next on Evolution, and what I think the next steps are. I have now tattooed it somewhere on my person (I may show it to you if you ask really nicely and take me to dinner first) that I am to never...EVER say that I will next speak on evolution. It seems to be a blog killer for me. All blogs I've had, and I've had a few, have ended abruptly as soon as I mentioned doing an evolution post. Although it is one of my favourite topics to discuss, every time I go to write some of my points down, I re-read and it seems to me that I sound like an ass. So, to summarize....fuck evolution. In fact, fuck ever making a promise to post about anything specific ever again. I said in my "about me" section that this is for random musings, and I shall stick to that thank you very much.

If you do, however, wish to know my thoughts on evolution, I would be more than willing (especially if you are buying the coffee) to discuss it with you at a local establishment. If I were to post anything here, you'd miss the awesome hand gestures and faces I make when I really get excited about it, and honestly that's half the fun of talking to me.

I've been told that my posts are overly verbose. Well, actually they said "long blog is long", so I think I'll try to keep these to bite sized musings.

The long awaited (like....REALLY long awaited) answer to the thingy with the's that word... OH! The Riddle (thanks for the help at the back). The answer to the riddle is, it was a women's boxing match :)

Here's another one!

A fellow was staring through the window on the 22nd floor of an apartment building. He was sick of what he was doing in life and wanted it to end, so he opened the window and jumped. He landed unharmed without the aid of anything to cushion his fall or slow his decent. How did he do it?


Yahoo - my click this evening was well rewarded - evolution is a tricky topic and really is best with the hand gestures and faces - I'm going to guess that there was a balcony.

February 27, 2009 at 7:34 PM  

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