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*dusts off the blog and gets out the jumper cables to give the old girl some juice*... *Bzzzzzzzzzzt* IT'S ALIVE!!!! AAAAHAHA HAHAHAHA
HAHAHAAHA!!!!... ehem...

Hello again, it's been a while, but guest blogging on a friend's regularly updated blog made me miss doing this. As I am pretty much off the grid (no interwebz at home, no cable/satellite and only my trusty CrackBerry to keep my updated on FaceBook) I really don't have a way to post regularly. I do however have friends with internet access :D. I babysit for a friend of mine fairly often, and I am able to use her computer when the kidlings are asleep. So, if I can keep it up, I will try to write out a post once in a while, and just upload it when I get here. Anywho, on to more interesting things!

I sometimes go though a period a couple of months or so at a time, where every dream I can remember is somehow about the end of the world as we know it, whether it be zombies, aliens, or some other earth shattering event. Now, normally one would think that it would be somewhat nightmarish, having every remembered dream be about the end of humanity as a whole, but they are actually quite pleasant. Mainly because I am always in control, and usually had super powers. I've listed a few of the more memorable dreams below:

I was in downtown YK, for the most part, and something fairly vague was happening which made everyone panic and try to run for cover. People were going insane, looting, arguing over canned goods, and searching desperately for their missing loved ones. Another select few were changing, as it were. They were being granted super powers, and I was one of them. Unfortunately, this caused most of them to go insane and start to cannibalize people. I started to struggle with the feeling that I was going mad, but was able to overcome it, unlike my brethren. I killed off the ones who went crazy with the change, and started flying around looking for people I know to take to a safe place. I had the ability to create safe bubbles. Nothing harmful could get through them, and they could be as big as I wanted them to be. I wound up taking people off to homesteads we'll call them, where they could live their lives in peace, and I brought them supplies regularly.

Another dream was set around a cabin in the woods at the base of a mountain. I was with my friends, and there was a magical event about to happen that would destroy the majority of the world, and we were trying to prepare for it. We had most of the supplies, and we were going to take refuge in the cabin, out of the main cities, so we would not be disturbed by the crazed masses. We needed to make one final supply run, so we all drove out to the city again, and I was going to pick up magical supplies. The next part I remember is a friend asking if he can drive down the mountain again, and doing a horrible job of it, so I shoved him in the back of the van after he ran us into a tree, and drove the rest of the way. I don't remember much after that.

The last one I'll tell about here took place in YK again, and it started on the city bus. There was a voice in my head that told me that I have the power to either save the world, or let it end, depending on whether I was strong enough. I asked if I could have one perfect day before this happened, and it was granted to me. I was suddenly transported back in time to that morning. The day was sunny and warm, and I didn't have to go to work. I went fishing, I spent time with my daughter and other relatives (both alive and dead), played video games with my ex-husband and had wonderful food and did everything that would make up a perfect day in my books. All the while, people kept pointing to the sky and saying how odd the northern lights looked, even in the daylight. As the day progressed, they became more and more intense. I knew that this was because of the world ending event that I was supposed to try and stop. I told people to just ignore it. At the end of the day, I wound up on the bus again, but the Northern Lights were so intense they were almost blinding. We stopped at one of the elementary schools in town, and as I got off the bus, the lights formed a swirling vortex. I stepped in the end of it, and was lifted up for all to see. The voice in my head told me that because I spent my perfect day with friends and family, and not with material objects, there was some hope for humanity, and that we would be spared, but that we were to take this as a warning to change our ways. I don't know what happened after that, as my alarm woke me up.

I always relish my world ending dreams. There is something so invigorating and freeing about them. No work problems, no worrying about money, and the only thing you have to think about is how to survive. I've often found myself wishing I could be stranded on an island somewhere warm where I had no worries at all. I guess that's why so many Northerners flock to the tropics every winter. That and the -40 winters.

As a side note, I Googled "end of the world" for images to add to this blog post, and it's fascinating what you come up with... Also, the whole end of the Mayan calendar thing, Dec 21st, 2012... I realized that the date is also my employee number at work... 12-21-12... I saw it on a shirt I kinda want to buy now.


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