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After Thoughts and Etcetera

I’ve noticed that the longer the post, the less likely it is that anyone will read it. I may try an experiment one day by putting up an exceptionally long post, starting off with the telling of a dream, and then going into insulting everyone who I send the post to. I would be able to determine who actually read the post by the amount of friends I lose.

Had another dream about my teeth rotting out of my mouth. I have pretty good dental health, but it seems to be a reoccurring theme in my dreams, about once every month or so. I’m somewhat afraid that if I lose a tooth in reality, I may think that it’s a lucid dream, as I have a lot of those also, and try to do something odd. Such as float, or paint someone blue.

Here’s a riddle for you;

There was a King who had a beautiful daughter, whom he loved dearly. He knew that she would have to marry one day, but he dreaded the thought. He decided to challenge all suitors to a test. He would put two grapes in a black bag, and tell the fellow that if he pulls out the green grape, then he would be able to marry the princess. If he pulled out the red grape however, then he would be put to the chopping block. What none of the young men knew though, was that the King had put in 2 red grapes, to ensure that there would be no marriage.

A year went by, with many hopeful suitors, and many pairs of boots for the executioner. One day, a clever prince came to take the Kings test. To the King’s dismay, the fellow was able to out fox him, and was married to the Princess with in a year. How did he do it? One note, he did NOT peal the grape to make it a lightercolour, so none of that cheekiness. The solution will be on the next post, whenever that may be.


P.S. How have you been former Relish Boy? How’s the new job and such?

P.P.S. I know that there is no real point to using “Post Script”, or especially “Post Post Script” online, as it was originally used to add a note after you had hand written something, and did not want to start the letter again. In this technical day and age, where handwriting is poor, and typing skills are essential, you can go up and alter the original writing at any time. However, I still like to use it anyways. Just because something is not needed, does not mean it can’t still be used.


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