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Chicken feet…..I'll say it again…. Chicken feet.

There will be a great clash of cultures in my near future, and I will be a part of it. It seems that there are a lot of nations that would put a claim to the best chicken feet recipe, and we are to put said claims to the test! Participants will bring in their best of the worst bit of the bird. We will have a representative from the Asian cultures, the East Indian area, and the Jamaicans will also be weighing in for this monumental event in culinary footsie.

I myself will be representing the Caucasians, much to the dismay of some. There is something of a fear amongst the Jamaican team that I will "ruin chicken feet for all", as I have never tried to cook that bit of the bird before. Although I was somewhat put off by the comment, I will not be deterred! After all, no one would have ever thought that their bobsled team would make it into the Calgary winter Olympics, but John Candy wouldn't have lied to us!

I'm thinking I will attempt to psyche out my Jamaican competitor by randomly making comments such as "perhaps chicken feet ice cream….that would be two things you love combined!" If I can, I will put them off sucking poultry toes for good as recompense for the lack of faith in my abilities to create a foul footed delight.

I have to say that I feel quite lucky to live in a society where people from different cultural backgrounds can collide and learn about others. A teacher of mine once gave a lecture on how societies mingle with each other. She had stated that the USA is a melting pot, which takes the people coming from different parts of the world, and then dips them into the cauldron to be stirred and boiled until they are as watered down and "American" as the rest of the floating chunks. They give a little to the flavour, but are eventually taken over by the broth, and soon all you can taste is the added MSG.

Canada she described more as a b-52. For those not aware of this creamy concoction, it is a shooter which layers different liqueurs in a way that each keeps their separate colour and taste, and are only combined when downed. Each layer has its own identity, keeping their flavour and characteristics, mixing only a little where they meet.

I myself would take a tasty drink over salty broth any day.

Now, for the answer to yesterday's riddle:

The clever prince took out a grape, and before anyone could see it, he put it in his mouth and ate it, then told the King he could see which grape he took by looking at the one left in the bag. Thus gaining the hand of the lovely princess, and saving the executioner from having to sharpen his axe.

Today's riddle:

You are walking along, when you come to a fork in the road. One way is to Truethville, where everyone tells the truth, and the other is Falseville, where everyone lies, but there are no signs telling which is which. There is a man standing at the fork, who you know lives in one of the villages. You want to go to Truethville, but you do not know if the man will tell you the truth or a lie. You can ask him one question, what do you ask, and where do you go?




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