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I dreamt that I was meditating at home. There were several people there with me, all in their own room in my house. I slowly emptied my mind, and then I felt myself lift off. I was completely at peace inside. I left my body, and then opened my eyes. I was in a room with a giant person who was working on something, or concentrating on something. They looked like they were held together with energy.

The place I was in was somewhat like a Salvador Dali landscape. Simple, but deceiving in the way that it does not look to be real. I looked up at the person, and said "hello". They turned around, and looked at me in astonishment. They looked about to see if anyone else could have said hello, somewhat like you would look about for another source of a voice coming from your cat. They put their face close to me, and said "how did you get here?" I smiled at them and said "I was meditating, then I lifted off, and when I opened my eyes, I was standing here." They smiled a big smile, and radiated a glow which I could only describe as being excited. They said that I was the first to ever make it this far, that no one was ever calm and at peace with themselves enough to be able to transcend the reality we know and step into the reality that actually is. I told them that the people had gotten so caught up with themselves and took things so seriously that they couldn't really get to that point. Even the people who give up everything they own and stop consuming toxins and tell themselves that they are sacrificing it all for true enlightenment, are deceiving themselves, because they take it so seriously. They may live longer, but really, what have they lived?

They asked me how I live in comparison to the spiritual seeker. I said that I don't try at all. I just, go with the flow, and the flow takes me where I should be. I don't try to achieve enlightenment, I just let it come to me. I set no real goals, and as a result have had many interesting opportunities arise and many adventures. The less I plan, the better off I seem to be. They smiled the big glowing smile again, and asked if I would come back and tell them more. I said that I would come back often and tell them all they wanted, so long as they told me about them in turn. It was agreed that I would come back often to talk to this creature so we could find out more about each other.

When I next returned, it seems like I had never left, there were more of them. About 5-6, all with different features, but the same basic large person with an energetic glow to them. They wanted to know all about the people of Earth, how we lived, the achievements of our societies and what our beliefs were. I spoke for hours on end describing with ease all the things they wanted to know. We both agreed that structured religion was one way that we lost track of the way here, as it made us try to ignore and made us feel shameful of our connection to everything around us.

When it was my turn, I asked them if they created us. They looked at each other, and said that we were something of an experiment, but not in the crude and often cruel sense that I knew. There were several worlds like our own, each different and each with its own set of basic laws of physics. They left a way for beings to enter to where they are, but the only creatures to come through were non-intelligent. Creatures working off basic instinct, who followed the ingrained path, but had no way of comprehending or communicating what had happened. They were thinking that the whole experiment would not amount to anything. They were thinking of giving up, thinking that no civilizations existed in the worlds when I showed up standing there. I asked how we would know to get there if we were not told how to look for it. They said that we were, and that it was part of our make-up, but we must have lost the way over time, when we lost our connection to the flow of the world around us.

After the conversation ended, I left again with the promise to be back as often as I could, and to tell peoplee to go with the flow of the world, to see if they too would find their way there.

This is when I woke up, when in the dream, I found my way back to "reality". These sort of dreams are always so anti-climactic. You always think that somehow you would come to some great conclusion, or insight into the human condition. That you would be able to gleen some new information about yourself or the world around you, or that you would at least feel a bit more enlightened, but usually it's all stuff you already knew deep down, just put in a way that you could comprehend and that makes you question things a bit more. This is what I get for reading Tom Robbins right before bed. Oh well, back to bed.



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